The donation ceremony of Zhongjin Wheelchair was grandly held at the headquarters of the Royal Thai Military Commander

Release Time: 2018-06-05   Visited: 176

Under the initiative of the country's "Belt and Road", in order to bring Zhongjin high-quality wheelchair to countries along the way, with the full assistance of Mr. Zhang Yang-President of the Thai Cultural and Economic Exchange Association,100 wheelchairs were held at the headquarters of the Royal Thai Army In the wheelchair donation ceremony today, Admiral Tharachae Yan, commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Army, attended the donation ceremony and praised the charitable act of China Jin Company.

The commander-in-chief donated Zhongjin products on the spot to the hospitals of the Navy, Army, Air Force and the General Police Department, which have a very good role in promoting the promotion of Zhongjin’s shared medical equipment in Thai hospitals. Hope our Thailand's cause developed smoothly.